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Khamida Khamida Siti Rabiatul Zulfah


The Al-Quran memorization exam is one of the demands of a compulsory cottage carried out by every santri. this can cause santri to feel anxiety, dizziness, anxiety which is part of stress symptoms. Someone can do a strategy to deal with stress, the purpose of this study is to describe the coping mechanism in dealing with the stress of the Al-Quran memorization exam on students at Islamic Boarding School. The design of this study is descriptive, with a population of all students who are taking the examination process of memorizing the Koran at Al-Furqon Driyorejo Gersik Islamic Boarding School with a total of 253 students. The sample size was 155 people taken by Simple Random Sampling Technique. research variable coping mechanism in facing the stress of Al-Quran memorization exam. Instrument for collecting data using questionnaire sheets. Data were analyzed using frequency distribution. The results found that most of them were 61, 3% had adaptive coping mechanisms and nearly half of the 38.7% had maladaptive coping mechanisms. Most santri have coping mechanisms that are adaptive in facing the rote exam stress. The conclusion of this study is that most 61.3% of students in Al-Furqon Islamic Boarding School Driyorejo Gresik have adaptive coping mechanisms in dealing with the stress of memorizing the exam. as a health worker has an important role, namely providing education as a promoted effort about coping mechanisms that are good or adaptive.



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Khamida, K., & Zulfah, S. (2019). GAMBARAN MEKANISME KOPING DALAM MENGHADAPI STRES PADA SANTRI PENGHAFAL AL-QURAN DI PONDOK PESANTREN. Jurnal Kesehatan Al-Irsyad, 12(2), 34-41. Retrieved from
Vol. XII, No. 2, September 2019


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