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la rangki Fitriani Fitriani


Data from WHO, the incidence thypoid fever in the world at 16- 33 millions with 500-600 thousand mortalities every year. Data from the Hospital District Muna year in 2013 amounted to 98 cases, while in 2014, the incidence of typhoid fever from january-april of 39 cases with 78 patients with fever. This study aims to determine the effect of attitudes and habits of eating outside the home on the incidence of typhoid fever in hospitals Kab.Muna. This type of research is an analytic observasional study with case-control design. This research has been conducted in district hospitals Muna from 26 May to 14 June 2014. Number of samples in this study were as many as 78 people with the criteria of the sample is 39 cases and 39 controls were drawn from 78 population. From the results of the study showed  significant effect between the Attitudes to the value of OR = 10.286, lower limit = 3.551, and the upper limit = 29.795. The habit of eating outside the home with a value of OR = 2.970, lower limit = 1.161, and the upper limit = 7.599.Increased knowledge and awareness through counseling patients and healthy hygienic behavior is needed for prevention and control of typhoid fever occurrence in Muna District Hospital.


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rangki, la, & Fitriani, F. (2019). ANALISIS FAKTOR RISIKO KEJADIAN DEMAM TYPHOID PADA PASIEN DI RSUD KAB MUNA. Jurnal Kesehatan Al-Irsyad, 12(2), 1-10.
Vol. XII, No. 2, September 2019


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